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A Blog dedicated to scanning and posting Cracked Magazines and similar media . If you have any questions or if you would like to contribute. You are viewing India's first popular format magazine for the Indian Armed Forces in independent media-space. It is here to fulfil a long felt. The submissions window for the 3rd issue of Underbelly Magazine is now officially Click here to download as, or click the image above.

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How to Start a Successful Blog in 2019

We found a great domain name, we cobbled together a logo and site design that people liked, we write fairly well, and our content connects with people in a unique way.

Our popularity came as a surprise to us, and it was a result of a little luck and a lot of hard, passionate work. Spend your time producing meaningful creations and eventually the audience will show up if you are helping people solve problems.

In other words, focus on adding value, not increasing traffic. The funny thing is that all these things can happen. You could make a full-time income from building a blog. We do it, Corbett Barr does it, and so do many others. These are the answers and recommendations we tend to give. Find Your Niche. Being a parent? Have you found your passion? If so, whatever it is, write about that. If not, then you must first find your passion. Define Your Ideal Readers.

Thus, our ideal readers are people who are interested in exploring minimalism so they can clear the path toward more meaningful lives. Add Value.

All Stories

You want to help people solve problems. This is the only way you will get great quality readers to your site and keep them coming back. We both learned this after a decade of leading and managing people in the corporate world.

Be Original. Yes, there are other blogs out there about the same thing you want to write about. Question: So why is your blog different? Answer: Because of you.

You are what makes your blog different. Be Interesting. Especially if you want people to share it with others. Be Yourself. Part of being interesting is telling your story. Every person is unique, and your story is an important one. The important part of storytelling, however, is removing the superfluous details that make the story uninteresting.

Be Honest. Your blog needs to be authentic—it needs to feel real—if you want people to read it. You can be your blog, or your blog can be you. That is, do you really embody the stuff you write about? If not, people will see through it. Perhaps bloggers should build the blog they want to write for the world.

Being transparent is different from being honest. And see those Twitter and Facebook icons in the header? We spent hours on those, deciding what was right for us.

Cracked Magazine and Others

Instead, spend the time on your writing. The reason our site design looks good is because we have a great host , we have a great theme, and, most important, we had a vision of how we wanted our blog to look. Once we had the vision, we worked hard to make that vision a reality. Note: neither of us had any design experience before starting a blog.

Find Your Voice. Over time, good writers discover their voice and their writing tends to develop a certain flow, one that is appealing to their readers.

Finding your voice makes your writing feel more alive, more real, more urgent. For additional reading, check out our blog post about Finding Your Voice. We Instead of You. Use the first-person plural when possible. Statements of we and our are more powerful than you and your, especially when talking about negative behaviors or tendencies.

The first person comes off as far less accusatory.

When to Post. Question: When is the best day and time to publish a blog post? Social Media. Focus on the writing first, social media thereafter. Ignore Negative Criticism and Stupidity. We call these people seagulls : They fly in, crap on your site, and fly away. Delete their comment and move on. The reason we are able to use so many helpful, relevant links in our essays is because we put in the time to research our topics.

Kailash Chandra Magazine PDF

Keep It Simple. This is where minimalism can be applied to starting any blog, irrespective of its genre. No need to place superfluous advertisements or widgets all over your site. The site shows useful tips. Email This BlogThis!

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The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Pdf book download Monday, January 28,. Print and save your Blog as Book. Sujeewa prasanna arachchi is a famous writer in Sri lanka.

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I too believe that allowing readers to download pdf of the blog post script is a great idea.

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