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The sun sets in the west (just about everyone knows that), but. Sunset Towers faced east. Strange! Sunset Towers faced east and had no towers. This glittery. O-Pee-Chee/Hockey Hall of Fame Frank Prazak/Hockey Hall of Fame PRAISE FOR THE GAME “A first-rate discussion of hoc. The Westing Game. By Ellen Raskin. Suggestions and Expectations. This curriculum unit can be used in a variety of ways. Each chapter of the novel study .

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The Westing Game Character List. Turtle Wexler. A smart young girl with a talent for the stock market, she has a long braid and kicks people in the shins. Flora. The Westing Game - Full Text PDF. posted Nov 14, , AM by Michael Crowell. Č. Updating Ċ. The Westing (k). Michael Crowell. The Westing Game. Ellen Raskin. Student Study Guide. Answer all questions in sentence form and on line paper. Vocabulary must go on a separate sheet of.

Please use the attached rubric for guidelines. The bottom line contains options for enrichment projects related to the novel. All projects are due on February 5th. The project is worth points. Choose One of These Options: Write a ballad, song or rap which includes rhyme and rhythm, re-telling the plot of the novel from ONE characters point of view. Dont forget you are telling the story from beginning to end. Make sure you change the plot of the story to reflect that characters version of what happened during the, The Westing Game. You will present this to the class orally and you should include appropriate background music while performing. All music must be original creations and contain no copyrighted material. Choose a key scene and create a diorama of it, focusing on setting, characters and plot, and artistry. Some options include; Turtle discovering the body, the reading of the will, or the party at J.

Choose a key scene and create a diorama of it, focusing on setting, characters and plot, and artistry. Some options include; Turtle discovering the body, the reading of the will, or the party at J. You must have a written component, labeling the reason why you choose this scene and why is it important to the novel.

The written component must be typed, double spaced, 12 point font, and at least one page in length. Become one of the story characters and create a diary of story events as told from your point of view. You should write at least 3 entries from the beginning, 3 from the middle and 3 from the end of the novel.

Include your feelings about: learning about your new partner, the bombings, and the murderer found. Each entry must be at least 2 paragraphs well constructed sentences in length.

Produce a radio broadcast of the most suspenseful scene from The Westing Game. Write out the script and develop your own sound effects. Present your broadcast to the class.

Your broadcast should be at least 2 minutes in length approximately 2 pages. Design a game board trail that winds through some of the major scenes described in the book, such as Shin Hoos Restaurant, the spooky Westing house, or the lobby of Sunset Towers.

Plan and create game cards that provide ways for players to move. For example, Overnight blizzard. Go back two spaces, or Westing stock up 1 points. Go forward three spaces, or Turtle just kicked you. Move back three spaces. Make at least four character game pieces.

Write a set of clear, specific directions that tells the players exactly how to play the game. This should look professional and fit into a standard shirt box.

Writing a Will Research the writing of a will. Why might you want a lawyer to help with the writing of the will? Chapter Seventeen--Some Solutions What indication is there that the heirs were jittery? The bomb squad was called in repeatedly to examine suspicious parcels.

What were the two trading terms that Flora Baumbach had learned? The two terms were bullish and bearish. After reexamining their clues, whom do Grace and Mr. Hoo think is involved in the mystery. They conclude that E.

Plum is involved. What does Theo discover when he analyses his clue? He discovers a chemical formula for an explosive and the name Otis, whom he now believes to be the murderer. Why does Theo think that he must be dreaming? He suddenly finds himself kneeling beside the praying Crow? Vocabulary: incinerator, bonbons, culled, snooping, eluding Enrichment: Make a book jacket for your book.

Chapter Eighteen--The Trackers 1. Why does Turtle think that it would be a good idea to call Flora Baumbach by another name? The first part of Baumbach is pronounced bomb and that has created some problems with the frequent bomb scares. Who was Rosalie and how did she die? Rosalie was the retarded daughter of Flora. She died from pneumonia at the age of nineteen. How is ammonium nitrate used? It is used in fertilizers, explosives, and rocket propellants. What assignment does Theo give to Doug Hoo?

He tells him to follow Otis Amber. What letter does Otis Amber deliver to Doug? It is a notice from E. Plum that all the heirs must attend a meeting at the Westing house on Saturday night. What help does Denton hold out for Chris. Denton Deere tell Chris that he has found a neurologist who works on problems like his. How does Chris feel at the prospect of being taken hostage by Doctor Deere? Chris hasn't had so much fun in years. Vocabulary: conferring, broker, propellants, ailment, malady, coyly, graft, swatches, neurologist, ransom Enrichment: The author makes use of humour throughout the novel.

Give some examples. Chapter Nineteen--Odd Relatives 1. How did Turtle defend the use of the radio in school. She claimed to have a serious toothache which only the music from her radio could help soothe. Who does Otis Amber accuse of being responsible for the bombings? He accuses James Shin Hoo, the owner of the restaurant. To whom is Crow referring when she uses the term "foot butcher"?

She is referring to Jake Wexler, the podiatrist. How does Chris presume the blank envelope ended up in his bathrobe?

The Westing Game

He thinks that his brother, Theo, placed it there, while accidentally wearing Chris' bathrobe. It turns out that his presumption is incorrect. She suspects that Jake is only a small-time bookie. She also tells Sandy that Jake is a far better person than Sam Westing who ,although he never drank or gambled, cheated, lied, stole and manipulated people.

How did the doorman react to what Judge Ford said? Sandy's face reddened. According to the judge, what is Westing's first mistake? Samuel Westing intended to chose Sybil Pulaski to be one of his heirs but inadvertently selected Sydelle Pulaski.

Vocabulary: soothes, penance, distorted, blotched, vengeance, chronic, covetousness, mutilator, manipulated Enrichment: How are judges selected in your country? Research to see if they are selected the same way in other countries.

Most countries have many different types of judges. Interview a lawyer or judge in your area to find out more about the judicial system.

The Westing Game - Literature Kit Gr. 7-8 - PDF Download [Download]

Invite a lawyer or judge into your class to give a brief presentation. Chapter Twenty--The Confessions 1. What was the price of WPP at two o'clock? The price of Westing Paper Products stock was fifty-two dollars a share, its highest price in fifteen years. Why didn't Doug's feet hurt anymore? He was using paper innersoles. Why was Theo in the hospital?

[read ebook] The Westing Game PDF by Ellen Raskin by DerekMorrow88 - Issuu

He had made a slight miscalculation in his experiment causing an explosion. Why did George Theodorakis falter while telling the story of Violet Westing? He found the recounting of the story very emotional as well as painful. Who does Judge Ford believe must be protected and why?

She believes the former wife of Sam Westing must be protected as Sam probably holds her responsible for the suicide death of his daughter, Violet. Vocabulary: legitimate, sprinted, wincing, faltered, hack, eloped, plotted, loathed Enrichment: List as many reasons as possible why someone might make a false confession.

Invite an experienced police officer into your class to find out how they interrogate suspects. Theo asks if he can borrow Turtle's bike. What is Judge Ford's connection with the Westing family? Her mother was a servant in the Westing house. As a child she played chess with Sam Westing but at the age of twelve she was sent to boarding school and never saw Mr. Westing again. Why does Judge Ford think that Sam Westing paid for her education? She tells Sandy that his real motive for paying for her education was so that he would have a judge in his debt; that is, someone who owed him favours.

What was on the reverse side of the bomber's note? What does Turtle confess to the judge? She admits to setting off the fireworks and also to being in the Westing house the night Sam Westing died. Why does Sydelle Pulaski throw her crutches into the air?

Angela announces to Sydelle that she has unravelled the clues and realize that they identify the song, "America the Beautiful". Vocabulary: fuming, blackmail, seamy, ragtag, lurched, wretched, derelicts, meticulous, appellate, arsenal, singed, juvenile, divert, remedy Enrichment: Write a private dialogue between two of the characters in your story. Where would one find the story of Cain and Abel This tragic story of rivalry between two brothers, is found in the bible.

What is the significance of Turtle's comment that her mother would be upset if she knew who the real bomber was It implies that Turtle made a false confession to protect the person she believes to be the real bomber. Which of the heirs does Judge Ford think may be Sam Westing's former wife?

Final Assessment Westing Game PDF

Judge Ford thinks the most likely candidate is Crow 5. Who does Judge Ford think was actually in the coffin? She believes that it was a wax replica dummy of Sam Westing as he would have appeared fifteen years earlier. Why would it be difficult to recognize Sam Westing now? After suffering serious facial injuries in an accident, he had his face reconstructed by a plastic surgeon. Vocabulary: scrimp, tousled, wreak, pompous, notched Enrichment: Create a chart with three different classifications: Likely Suspects, Possible Suspects, and Least Likely Suspects.

Based on your opinion, fill in the chart. He meant that Turtle's braid had been cut off. What did Turtle convince Angela not to do?

She convinced her not to confess or she would end up with a criminal record. What did the heirs receive in their envelopes? They received an additional check for ten thousand dollars. Why is Grace's voice thick and slurred? She has had too much to drink. What is meant by the expression, "to go on the wagon"? It refers to someone who stops drinking alcohol.

Who did Denton Deere suggest could use plastic surgery? Denton Deere suggested that Sandy McSouthers with his background in boxing could have used plastic surgery.

Vocabulary: fumbled, wad, lolled, regally, swathed, turban, ethnic, gilt, bleary, clinking, ornithologist, slurred, derisive, flask Enrichment: Pubishers often reject manuscripts from authors who later achieve great success with another publishing firm. Pretend that you are employed in a publising house that has just decided to reject the novel, The Westing Game. Write an imaginary letter to Ellen Raskin rejecting her novel and explaining why. Theo suggests they work as a team. What was Denton Deere's diagnosis when Mr.

Hoo claimed that the tea might be poisoned? His diagnosis was paranoia. Which heir does Judge Ford believe is actually Sam Westing? She believes it's her own partner, Sandy McSouthers. Using the clues provided, who does Sydelle Pulaski announce as the murderer? She tells those present that it appears to be Berthe Erica Crow. What happens to Sandy towards the end of this chapter? He collapses on the floor in agony dying shortly after. Do you think that Berthe Erica Crow is telling the truth?

Explain your answer. Answers will vary.

She appears to be mentally unstable and these type of people have a history of confessing to crimes they haven't committed in order to attract attention. Vocabulary: paranoia, ravings, paled, condemn, vicious, null, immigrant, fanatic Enrichment: Pretend you are a school librarian.

Give a book talk to your students but make sure that while your perk their interest you don't reveal too much of the plot.

Ask permission from your teacher and librarian to present your book talk to a group of students. He accuses her of kicking Sandy in the shins. How does Turtle respond to his accusation?

Turtle claims that she never kicked Sandy although she did kick Barney Northrup. What according to Judge Ford is the famous Westing trap? The queen's sacrifice in a game of chess or anything else for that matter. Why does Judge Ford repeatedly call herself stupid? Judge Ford believes that she and the other heirs have allowed Sam Westing to trick them using the "queen's sacrifice"--the queen being his former wife, Crow.

Vocabulary: wake, stoolie, conscience, checkmate, bolted, poring, sole, culprit, dastardly Enrichment: Pretend you are a television reporter or newspaper journalist. Make a video tape or write an article on the latest happenings in your story.

Thirteen year old Turtle has assumed the role of lawyer. Why is everyone surprised when Otis Amber testifies? Otis removes a gun from under his jacket and then states that he is a licensed private investigator. Who hired Otis Amber? Barney Northrup hired him to investigate six people while Judge Ford hired him to investigate all of the heirs with the exception of Sandy and herself.

What is a coronary thrombosis in layman's terms? It simply means a heart attack. Why did Sandy's flask contain according to Turtle? Turtle claimed that his flask contained a life saving medicine for Sandy. Judge Ford believed that Sam Westing had assumed two disguises. Identify his two disguises. Vocabulary: gavel, stenographer, flaw, accomplice, interceded, interceded, bristled, baffled, booty, fib, benefactor Enrichment: Write an imaginary letter to Ellen Raskin telling her about your experiences reading this book.

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