Master real-time web application development using a mean combination of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS. Ships from and sold by Book Depository US. MEAN Web Development - Second Edition [Amos Q. Haviv] on MEAN Web Development - Second Edition and millions of other books are. Develop your real-time MEAN application efficiently using a combination of MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node About This Book Construct a fully- functional.

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    Mean Web Development Book

    Master real-time web application development using a mean combination of efforts and support, the development of MEAN as well as this book quite possibly . MongoDB,, and These four technologies can work in tandem for a full JavaScript stack, the first of its kind in web development. Master real-time MEAN web application development and learn how to construct a MEAN application using a combination of MongoDB.

    MongoDB, Express. These four technologies can work in tandem for a full JavaScript stack , the first of its kind in web development. Each book varies in complexity and subject matter but all of these resources can dramatically improve your skills as a MEAN web developer. Then you slowly move through Angular and Express to understand how these technologies stack to build MEAN applications. Early chapters hold your hand to help you setup a local testing ground for your MEAN server. Novice To Ninja also published by SitePoint. We did a full review of that book if you wanna learn more. This is one of the more detailed books on MEAN with a clear organizational structure and pages chock-full of resources on the stack. You should already be very comfortable with JavaScript before picking up this title. But you do not need much experience working with MEAN technologies other than a passing knowledge of what they all do.

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    MEAN Web Development (Paperback)

    Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Fetching latest commit…. Instructions and Navigation All of the code is organized into folders.

    You will see code something similar to the following: Chapter 1 and 4 does not contain any code. Suggestions and Feedback Click here if you have any feedback or suggestions. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.

    MEAN Web Development by Amos Q. Haviv

    The author Elad Elrom has years of experience with programming and technical writing. This means he knows how to write code and how to document that code properly. The goal is to teach you how to create a build cycle on the MEAN stack that works and scales. Note the author does not strictly stick to Angular and he actually uses Handlebars for templating.

    So this book is not the best title for a complete MEAN stack. The book spans about pages and teaches in a linear fashion helping you create a fully-functional social networking app. Jeff also teaches you how to properly architect and structure your project from start to finish.

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    He covers the Gulp. Each chapter covers a lot so the book moves fast. You should have some prior experience building web applications with another language and you should be very comfortable coding in JavaScript. Each chapter is structured by different lessons on different topics.

    At times this can be annoying or even stressful, especially for developers who have trouble learning on their own.

    But you can find all the related code for free on GitHub and even search Google for any problems you bump into. This book is a powerful resource for anyone who likes learning through hands-on lessons and technical problem solving.

    MEAN Web Development - Second Edition

    Express in Action Lastly I wanted to include an Express. But Express in Action is undeniably the best intro book to Express. Express in Action can be a perfect intro book for an aspiring fullstack developer.

    This book can help you move from a complete beginner to a more competent developer in the rapidly advancing full-JS dev environment. The first title covers everything about MEAN in an ultimate guide of exercises.

    Just be warned that all of these books require at least some basic knowledge of JavaScript before diving in.

    Author: Jaime Morrison Jaime is a jr.